Bruno for everyone

Easy event management for you and me. And no - we are not one more platform you have to micromanage. Just create your event. Share or send the link to friends, family or the whole world and get your BBQ, birthday party, wedding, gym session, get together, romantic date, pizza party… started. One link only - login free. No nonsense.

How does it work?

For a regular event you only need a title and date to get started. If you want to go more in depth you can generate custom event posters for sharing, add questions for attendees or allow people to bring friends. Share wherever, however you want No more worries about which platform or chat app to use for inviting friends and family. Just share the generated link. Why make it more complicated that it has to be? Order enough snacks for everyone See who will join or can not attend and their answer to your configured questions. And if you need some more info there is always the freeform text. Keep it simple - or not, we are not the police - and have fun.